Aromatherapy is an exciting development in the quest for health and beauty. Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from species of herbs, roots, trees, flowers and fruit.

Essential oils can be used in massage, which is in itself an ancient art of touch healing. They are blended with vegetable, coconut and nut oils such as grapeseed and sunflower oils. Aromatic molecules from the essential oils pass directly through the skin and are absorbed by the body fluids. They then circulate around the body into the blood stream.


The odours of the essential oils also stimulate our emotional centre in the brain. This extremely active system is connected to other vital parts of the brain involved in controlling heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, memory and reaction to stress.


Aromatherapy can help with the effects of stress, insomnia, headaches and migraines, muscular tension, stiffness and fatigue, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and palpitations, menstrual and menopausal symptoms to name a few.


During this workshop you will be taught by an experienced qualified Aromatherapist with over 20yrs hands on and blending experience and introduced into the basics of Aromatherapy's uses for home use.  You will receive 3hrs expert tuition on Aromatherapy benefits, dilution and uses of the 3 oils supplied, plus a pack containing:- 3 sample essential oils, base products to create your own personal blends and course notes (products given = £45).


There will be a chance to buy additional essential oils on the day to add to your collection if you wish.  Alternatively, you can order monthly and spread the cost.  The highest grade pure essential "Doterra" oils are used and we are pleased to find and use these oils after being many years in the industry.  There are also many other brands which we will discuss on the day.


2021 Evenings 7-10pm and Saturdays 2-5pm


Wednesday 13th January 7-10pm

Saturdays 20th February, 24th July, 30th October

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Aromatherapy Workshop - 1/2 day £65 (£45 worth of products)

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