Aromatherapy is an exciting developing in the quest for improved health and beauty. The pure essential oil aromas stimulate the emotional centre in our brain. This extremely active system is connected to other vital parts of the brain involved in controlling heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, memory and our reaction to stress.


After a personal consultation of medical history and lifestyle is discussed, high grade pure essential oils will be expertly blended together personally to you to create the perfect combination to combat your total needs.  The tailor made vapours will be tested by you before the treatment commences.  These essential oils will be blended with a base oil and worked into the body.  


This treatment is offered as a 30min taster session. Otherwise there are options after from 45mins to 75mins.





Aromatherapy Home Made Massage Balms


We offer a range of Aromatherapy Massage Balms.  Some contain whisked up base oils and butters and some are Aromatherapy Blends.  They are all vegan and very rich for the skin.  There is an option to chose and sample your preference when you experience our Natural Lift Facial Massage Treatment and the Thai Foot Massage Treatment.  


Although we do not suggest you ingest them, they are edible (except one blend we offer).  These will be on show when you visit us and available for purchase online soon.


Lovingly prepared in 30ml or 60ml green glass jars, ranging from £8-20.  These can also be made to order for your favourite blend in either size.

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