Infant / Baby Massage

Many babies and children of all ages can benefit from massage.  In our experience, the main concerns parents seek natural health help with young babies are colic symptoms, skin conditions, insomnia, general restlessness, not feeding well, etc.


Samantha teaches Baby Massage one to one but also offers massage therapy for our younger generation. This can help with many different imbalances.


She always encourages you as parents and carers to learn how to massage your baby.  You can watch the techniques and if you feel this has helped your baby, you can receive baby massage instruction.  Samantha believes, you as a parent, are the perfect person to massage your baby.  The massage techniques can be used at home if you wish. This helps you to feel in control of their health and well being, with massage techniques to help them feel better in their home environment.


Usually babies are happy with the maximum of 30mins massage.  Samantha can massage your baby and show you different massage techniques so you feel you are working safely on your baby.


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