Body Massage Treatment

Massage has been around since the dawn of time to clear illness and in essence, allowing your body to natural heal itself which it can do.  


Your body is a mass of living cells, each depending on each other to create balance and healing all the time.  Encouraging these cells to work together, to help to boost your immunity, enourage a clearing out of toxins, most people can feel the benefit on so many different levels.  There are so many benefits within all the body systems and it helps you to feel good too.  Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.  


We offer a wonderfully bespoke, intuitive, relaxing and pain relieving massage treatment using Western and Eastern styles of firm massage coming together using experienced hands. Areas massaged are back, legs, scalp, chest, arms, hands, abdomen, face, shoulders, neck and feet. Just pick your preference and let us tailor your massage to your needs on the day and your chosen treatment time.


With all our Complementary Therapies, a personal consultation is taken before your treatment, usually in person at your first session.  This is helpful to us to be mindful of previous medical and lifestyle imbalances which have come up before, in order to help you get back on track and be in control of your energy more.


Combinations are available and any areas of concern can be focused on during your time with us.

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February 2020 review from Rumana


"I received a massage with healilng.  It's always very relaxing and Sam is very gentle an caring with my body.  She's attentive and uses a range of skills to make sure your massage is persionalised.  I highly recommend a massage from Sam"


December 2019 review from Lucy


I am so impressed with the Natural Health Sanctuary. I came for a lymphatic drainage massage, which was wonderful. Samantha is a warm and welcoming person who was genuinely interested in my wellbeing on a holistic level and gave me some excellent tailored suggestions outside of the massage I’d booked to further improve my energy levels and immune system which was the aim of my visit. It’s really rare to receive a bespoke massage treatment for your body’s needs, so I can’t recommend enough!