Chakra Balancing

Most of us understand that we can be affected positively and negatively by many factors of life including; the environment, personal relationships, our minds, our emotions, wifi, electromagnetic energies and more.


Can you remember having the experience of feeling you need to look round or look behind you and discovered that you can see someone staring at you? The energetic field surrounding you is working for you as it should.  It's alerting you to the fact that someone is sending you energy.


Has anyone got too close into your personal space and it felt uncomfortable? This is also the same if it feels nice to be in someones presence.  Everyone can "sense", some more than others, your personal space, where you find yourself and how you feel about it. When you meet people for the first time, you can receive an instant feeling from your energy field.  


This is all good but being in negative life situations and negative thought patterns constantly will dull down your energy and you can feel drained. This can lead to people in your environment feeling drained being around you too.  


Chakra Balancing is a specific energy healing technique to tune into each Chakra within the body and beyond to gain knowledge where you are loosing energy and to channel energy back to your body and balance you.  Different exercises and suggestions are given and some of the treatment may include a guided meditation.

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