Now a globally sought after treatment, with many celebrities now commenting on the benefits they have experienced, Crystal Healing is a holistic and natural therapy that helps to connect into the energetic power of crystals and how they can affect the body, mind and spirit.


As with all therapies offered, on your first visit you will have approx. 30mins to dicuss any relevant medical & lifestyle history and what you wish to gain from having a Crystal Healing session.


During your session, your therapist will encourage you to choose some of the crystals yourself.  Also, different healing crystals will be placed on and around you as you lay, fully clothed on a treatment couch all snuggled in a blanket.  Using crystals in your aura will help to unblock, focus and direct energy inwards and outwards depending what you need.  This, like most complementary therapies, helps the body to release toxins and encourages to give you a boost in your energy running through your body and around you, helping to create a  general well being.


As an addition, Crystal Oracle Cards can also used if you prefer to gain some insight which crystals to choose.

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Crystal Healing

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