Crystal Meditation Evenings - £12 one off, £16 2 per mth DD, 10 sessions £80 adhoc

As well as our Meditation Workshop, Regular Meditation Groups and One to One Meditation Sessions, we do thoroughly enjoy the specific meditation evenings, this time focusing on Crystals.


*  Boost your energy up again

*  Feel nurtured just like receiving a healing treatment

*  Holistic and Natural Energy

*  Connect into the energetic power of crystals

*  Feel the deep connection with your body, mind and spirit


During your meditation evening, your therapist will encourage you to choose some of the crystals yourself to work with for the evening.  Also, different healing crystals can be placed on and around you in the chair or on the floor as you are sitting in meditation.  Using crystals in your aura has been experienced as helping to unblock, focus and direct energy inwards and outwards depending what you need.  This, like most complementary therapies, helps the body to release toxins and encourages to give you a boost in your energy running through your body and around you, helping to create a  general well being.


As an addition, Crystal Oracle Cards can also used if you prefer to gain some insight which crystals to choose.  To learn more about your tutor Samantha, please visit About Me.


DATES - 8.00-9.30pm - Fridays


2021 - 28th May and 15th October

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