Lomi Lomi Massage Treatment

In addition to our various other massage techniques, the Lomi Lomi Massage has been described as an exceptional massage where the therapist moves around the body like a flowing dance using unique movements of their palms, forearms and elbows.  These exquisite moves can help to give relief to any pain or stress in the whole body whilst clearing blocks in your energy enabling the body, mind and spirit to create more harmony.


This amazing spiritual massage comes from the Polynesians, known as the  master healers of Hawaii.  Some people describe the Lomi Lomi Massage as a "Loving Hands" massage.  Your therapists will work deeply into the muscles with gently continuous flowing massage moves from the top of the body to the feet and back up again.  Most clients describe this massage as completely nurturing and felt like they could really let go and and "be".  It has also been described as helpful in releasing unwanted throughts and calms the mind with the rhythmic movements with a "wave" like feeling through the body.


Please note that this massage technique uses extremely minimal draping techniques, sarongs are used for easy draping.


When booking, please look under "Massage Treatments" on our online booking system.

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