Luxury Body & Beauty Treatments

Review from Emma, April 2020  I have been having regular massage and reiki treatments with Sam for almost fifteen years.  Sam has a naturally calm and harmonious presence. Sam is helpful, caring, encouraging and understanding. You can be confident and reassured in her experience and competence, she remains adept and professional at all times. Sam is very intuitive and always adapts the treatment to what your needs are. She often spends more time on areas that need it without me having to tell her. You never feel rushed or that you are having an ordinary / everyday massage, it’s always much more than that. Sam provides a thorough and holistic treatment. Sam will support and empower your body, mind & spirit for optimal health & wellbeing. Once you've had any treatment with Sam, you wouldn't want to go anywhere else!


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Most Body Treatments are safe for everyone.  There are only a few exceptions depending on your recent medical history, surgery, skin sensitivities, unstable conditions, infectious diseases, etc.  


You can request to book an appointment online or call or text us too 07958 719342. If you do book online you will receive a welcome phone call to ascertain the reason you wish to have a treatment and to get a little background.  We do offer many different magical treatments and charge for our time, so you can "mix and match" anything above within your time booked. Most people have an idea where their body is bothering them, some poeple it's their emotional health or negative mind set.  We look forward to looking after you the best we can!

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