Natural Lift Facial Massage Diploma Course - £299 2 days / £499 4 days

Come and discover this exclusive 2 day course for qualified therapists which incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques from Indian Face Massage (also known as Facial Rejuvenation or the Natural Facelift) with complementary techniques from Japanese Facial Massage, together with a Western style slant. It is a popular dynamic therapy that’s going to be enjoyed enormously by your clients, friends and family. Please check out the Natural Lift Facial Massage Treatment page, or come to experience the treatment before you learn.


This course will teach you a series of exclusive facial massage techniques. They act as a natural lift for the face with no need to even think about surgery, helping your clients look and also feeling younger inside and on the outside. We all have tension which builds up all over our shoulders, neck, scalp and in our facial muscles.  Let's agree that many any of us would love to reduce our fine lines and wrinkles, so it’s not surprising that this is a very popular and sought after holistic treatment. The Japanese influence involves the facial meridians and can help balance optimum health in the whole body, as well as the specific flow of life force energy in the face.  Many students have worked the massage moves on themselves as much as they could after they course days and their feedback was that they did a double take in the mirror as they looked so different.


There are over 90 muscles in the face and, just like other muscles in the body, it's important that they're used on a daily basis to keep them mobile and toned. The therapeutic benefits of this face massage can be very powerful and involves deep massage techniques with gentle finger and hand manipulation. Natural Lift Facial Massage is soothing and relaxing. Wrinkles seem reduced and the skin appears rejuvenated, giving a much sought after "instant facelift".  These course days can be organised over 3-8 weeks on a weekday as well.    This course is also open to beginners with no body massage qualification/experience with 2 additional course days on days to suit to cover relevant client forms, client care and anatomy, a catch up session, some case studies and a final run through.


DATES - Sundays 10.00-5.00pm - 2 days - Alternative Dates can be organised, please enquire


2020 - 15th and 22nd November - FULLY BOOKED


2021 -  11th and 18th April - places available

         -  17th and 24th October - places available

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Review from Sally Ann in November 2019.....Samantha is a wonderful teacher and therapist. She is a very intuitive worker, and amazing things always happen! Can honestly say her massages are some of the best I’ve ever had, and I always look forward to healing sessions with Sam, definitely recommend!