Natural Lift Facial Massage Treatment

The Natural Lift Facial is an amazing facial workout!  This is an advanced facial treatment and rarely to you experience such a deep massage of the face and intricate freeing of the neck muscles.


An amazingly relaxing deep facial massage using many eastern massage techniques. A facial massage like no other, incorporating a superb blend of facial base oils and Home Made Aromatherapy Massage Balms to complement. All products containing only natural ingredients. The treatment includes elements of Facial Reflexology, Acupressure, Chinese and Western massage techniques.


Most treatments have the option to start with a personally guided visualisation to relax the body and the mind, so you can give yourself permission to let go and change the direction of your energy inwards.  Then follows a deep massage to the top of the shoulders, décolletage, neck, scalp and face is performed laying on your back with general stretches to finish.


This can be takien as a 30min taster treatment, full treatment at 45mins or 60mins of the full treatment finishing with some Reiki to close the treatment


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