Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage Treatment

Caring for you and your baby is a necessity while you are pregnant and beyond. There are many activities to take part in to help your pregnancy run as smooth as possible.  Massage is one of them!  


After you have reached the end of your first trimester, you can enjoy most therapies we offer.  Tight shoulders, achy back, tiredness, feeling hormonal, water retention, many thoughts about your changes in circumstances all go towards feeling you would like some help.


As with all the different Complementary Therapies offered, your first treatment is longer and includes up to 30mins to complete your medical and lifestyle questionnaire with your therapist.  


You are treated laying on your side during your massage (depending on how many weeks you are), with plumped up cushions and bolsters to keep you comfortable. Covering as much as the body on one side, you are then asked to turn over and work on the other side.  Your therapist has two children and also has some understanding of pregnancy and the ailments which can come up first hand.


Depending on the length of time you have booked for yourself, areas of tension can be targeted.

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