Regular Events

We do run Regular Events as well as our Well Being Workshops, Well Being Meditation Retreats, Accredited Courses and Complementary Therapies.


*   Monthly and weekly sessions

*   In addition to our one off Well Being Workshops

*   Come back to keep your energy high

*   Constantly clearing your energy by relaxing the mind,  

    body and spirit with tuning in techniques

*   Bespoke Guided Visualisation Meditation

*   Enjoy wonderful different music, gongs, crystal bowls

*   Working in a group has been found to feel more powerful

*   Enjoy attending singularly or with your friends

*   Putting the work in regularly, gives us feel good results


£12 per session or buy 10 for £80 both to use adhoc

£10 payable monthly for 1 session per month 6 months min


**Forest Experiences £15 for 120mins

Monthly Spiritual Development Circle Sessions Buy As A Gift Monthly Meditation Sessions IMG_1169 (5) Mindfulness Forest Experience Hatfield forest tree tops picture Crystal Meditation Evenings crystal palm stones crystal palm stones meditation hands in om position AYKM2467 IMG_2867