Regular Meditation Groups - £12 one off, £16 2 per mth DD, 10 sessions £80 adhoc

Meditation, mindfulness, being presently aware and focusing on the positive, is a practical way of making changes in your life for the better.  Retraining your brain is easy, all you need to do is keep practising.


Many people have discovered becoming more mindful has enabled them to see how they make themselves suffer unnecessarily.  Becoming more aware of our thoughts gives us great potential to start acting in ways that brings about more freedom, happiness and kindness into our lives.


With regular practise, many people have changed their way of living and helped to manage:-


*  Reducing stress

*  Anxiety & depression

*  Pain

*  Enhancing performance in sport & fitness goals

*  General Recovery Physically, Emotionally & Mentally

*  A more positive Work & Home Environment

*  More Positivity in Relationships


As well as combating the above, Mindfulness is also very effective of enhancing and enriching an already fairly happy life.  Come on, let's keep it up!


We offer a few different Meditation Groups once a month at different times to choose from and memberships payable monthly for 1 or 2 classes per month.  Bulk buys are also optional in sets of 10 for £80.  There are also "one off" inspired meditation sessions including Fairies, Mermaids, Crystals and more at the same price.


With no previous experience, we encourage you to attend our Introduction to Meditation Workshop (2hrs £25) to go over the basics.  There is also an option to book a One to one Meditation Session tailored specificially for you before you attend or in addition to the group settings.


2021 DATES - Fridays 10.00-11.30am


Due to COVID 19, we have decided to start up our regular groups again in the Spring 2021.


Fridays:- 16th Apr, 21st May

Wednesdays:- 28th Apr,

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