Reiki 1 Course - 1 Day was £110 now £95

Reiki is a relaxation and healing technique to learn how to channel universal healing energy effectively.


We all have this energy available to us but we can give away too much energy to unwanted negative thoughts, negative emotions, etc. Your energy can become blocked, drained and low which sometimes leaves you feeling down, unable to deal with situations effectively and susceptible to stress. Low energy as we all know may eventually lead to short or long term illness and dis-ease in the physical body if it is not addressed. Receiving a Reiki attunement, practising self healing techniques and discovering more about energy on the course can help you hugely in managing stress and recognising your negative patterns in terms of stress relief. Practising Reiki can help open you up to become a channel to bring this strong energy to your family, friends, yourself and others and help you on the road to recovery, increased health and well being emotionally, mentally and spiritually!


Reiki Level 1 Course - This is the basic beginners level and will include The History, The Reiki Principles, your Reiki 1 attunement, learning about Chakras, Auras, opening, closing and protecting your energy, meditation, relaxation, full body routine in a chair and on a healing couch, working with animals, plants, people and more. Subjects will be covered in the morning and healing practise on each other will be performed in the afternoon. Reiki 1 is concentrated on you giving yourself self healing and helping friends and family by practising channelling Reiki healing energy to them. Progression to Reiki Level 2 is suggested with at least a few months in-between courses. Reiki Masters is the next level when you have been practising Reiki for at least a few years.


DATES:- Sundays 11.00-5.00pm, Weekdays can be arranged


Sunday 31st January 11.00-5.00pm

Sunday 25th April 11.00-5.00pm

Sunday 10th October 11.00-5.00pm

Sunday 5th December 11.00-5.00pm


One to One and Group Bookings can be organised at mutually convenient times and dates, so please call / message us 07958 719342 with your requirements

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