Reiki 2 Practitioners Course - 2 Days £250

Welcome to your next level journey with Reiki. Every level will increase your ability to channel stronger Reiki energy and use it to enhance your life and others around you. A true gift!


This is the Practitioner Level with the introduction of the 3 Sacred Symbols and how to use them, your all important Reiki 2 Attunement, distant healing techniques, how to go treat your client and working towards giving a professional Reiki Treatment. We guide you through all the advertising, marketing and what to do from when you receive your first phone call to closing the sesssion.


You are welcome to join the course if you would just like the attunement, to join the course and benefit from the increased energy but not work towards becoming a Practitioner. Your certificate will reflect this.


To become a Reiki Practitioner, you will be required to perform case studies for this level to gain your professional experience and allow the energy to flow more effectively when you feel more confident with how you work with clients. This training also allows you to learn to work safely, appropriately and professionally with your clients. gain insurance and join different memberships and associations.  Your case studies will depend on what professional training you have received so far in your similar holistic and medical field.


There are 2 weekend days training, usually two Sundays which gives you time to go through some of your spiritual cleanse and have time to practise before you come back for day 2 of your training.  This course can be organised at a conveniently mutual alternative dates on 3 or 4 weekly weekday sessions or 6-8 week day evenings to make up the 14hrs supervised training.  Your final run through will be booked after you have finished your case studies within 8 months of your course date.  


DATES:- Please contact us for different dates 


2021 - Sunday 28th March & 4th April  10-5pm

          Sunday 25th July and 1st August 10-5pm

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Review from Sarah September 2016.......Sam is brilliant, beyond brilliant. I'm currently doing Reiki Level 2 Diploma and zero regrets. She is your teacher but you can't help feel she is one of those people you want in your life full time. She is clear, precise and a beautiful soul.