Trance Massage Treatment

Your session will start with your all important consultation which will include medical history and current lifestyle (as with all treatments offered) You will have time to discuss your requirements and what you would like to achieve from the treatment.


This treatment is popular with individuals who have experienced and  have participated in some spiritual/personal development training like mediumship, healing, trance, meditation or similar and have some understanding how different energies work with us as therapists.


This is a 90min session and includes a mini Oracle Card reading after your consultation. Then the massage is performed which will include some hands on or off healing depending on what your body and energy needs.  In addition there will be time at the end of the massage, while you are coming round, for more information to be written down for you while your therapist is still in a trance state.  This information is also a reading in the form of automatic writing for you to take away to reflect upon.

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