Well Being Workshops

As well all our Accredited Massage & Healing Courses, we offer many Well Being Workshops to help you discover different ways to boost your energy using natural products and technqiues.  Let us take your hand to steady you, help you further along your journey, reconnecting to the real you, relaxed, happy, enjoying life.  Come and enjoy an afternoon giving back to yourself or joining with your besties for an enchanted afternoon together.


We welcome you back to us if you need a top up to your techniques to add to your skills set.  We will strive to look after you and empowering everyone back to their balance again. Life happens and these technqiues will help you deal with situations in a more empowered way.


It can be a magical process to learn precious new tools along your healing path towards a more balanced life.  Whatever stresses you have experienced, as we all have at some stage in our lives, we can take you on a dip into different techniques empowering you with our advice and experience.

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