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Mindful Forest Experiences

Let get out and Meditate In Nature

As well as our Meditation Workshop, Regular Meditation Groups and One to One Meditation Sessions, we do thoroughly enjoy taking our clients to our Mindfulness Forest Experiences.


With all that's happened in our world in 2020, one of the advantages of our global experience is that our natural world has indeed enjoyed some much needed deep healing time. As we come out of the time of lockdown and adapt to our new lives post pandemic, we offer you a great time to venture out again, enjoying nature and practising bespoke guided meditations. This can be possible if we are still needing to practise social distancing into the end of this year.


Studies have shown that spending time in nature can have a significant positive impact on our mental and physical well being. So, if you’re looking to enjoy meditation again in a group and love being outside, then please join us! Come and escape the stresses of life and allow us to look after you, to take a slower pace and immerse yourself in the different forest atmosphere we have to offer. There will be time for guided meditations, walking meditations, hugging trees and more!


We will meet you at different forests and smaller woodlands for these 2hr sessions. One thing we cannot predict is the english weather, so please dress appropriately. To learn more about your tutor Samantha, please visit About Me.

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