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Regular Weekly Meditation Classes

Glow up your Meditation Practise

Why not give it a try for our 60min weekly sessions which are offered in 4-5 weekly blocks, depending on how many weeks per month.  At £6.50 per session for a recorded session posted on our WhatsApp group, it's not to be missed.  

Sam will open with a short recording choosing a selection of oracle cards for a collective mini reading.  This will help for any guidance your keen to receive and understanding where we all are each week.

After the cards are pulled and photos posted, there will be a separate recording, music will be set and you will be invited to get comfy and settle into the guided visualsations. 


The meditations are channelled so will be different each week and can include visualising; light, colour, grounding techniques, spiritual attunements, walking in forests, around lakes, flying in the sky, sitting by a stream, etc.

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