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Welcome to our Accredited Massage & Energy Healing Courses

Researching your next learning journey may feel daunting but in fact it's really easy.   


Whether you need help deciding which course to take or when you can fit it in, we can help you through the process with a quick phone call after you've browsed the courses we offer.   

Please be assured you are booking with an active Complementary Therapist who has been practising these techniques for over 27yrs with over 20yrs teaching experience.  You will be learning so much more than just the massage techniques with helpful tips you just don't usually get anywhere else.  Our ESP is nurturing you through your learning experience......Please read our reviews.....

We always love to hear your story so far and why you have become drawn to furthering your skill set.  Most people have some idea what treatment they'd like to learn usually after being recommended or experiencing the treatment themselves.   We do offer quite a few options and you are always welcome to come and enjoy a treatment before you learn.  We would love to hear from you when you're ready for us to answer any further questions you have.  BOOK A FREE CALL BACK

With all our accredited courses, you receive a full colour manual and laminated course notes, a FREE check in online or in person half way through your case studies and there is an addtional exam fee for your final assessment if you decide to qualify to gain insurance and work professionally.

With many different options to pay, you can sign up and pay later with an agreed payment plan.

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