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Our Well Being Services

We offer so much in the Holistic Realm.  Whether you would like to learn massage and healing techniques, relieve aches and pains, reduce anxiety or take your meditation practice to the next level, there is something for everybody at our Wellness Studio.

Offering you over 28yrs of expertise with knowledge rooted in natural ancient healing techniques, please see below our Services:-

Helping you to better manage the modern challenges of the 21st Century. 

We welcome you to visit us to learn some tools to alieviate any negative energy,

create more balance, realign your focus, improve your mood and increase your creativity.

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Group Hike

Well Being Meditation Retreats

Glastonbury Sacred Sites
Treehouses in Norfolk
Tintagel, Cornwall

Our Well Being Meditation Retreats are the perfect antidote to a constant 100mph schedule. Come and enjoy different places to feel nurtured by nature whilst enjoying luxurious surroundings that make going off grid a healing adventure with a spiritual vibe. 

Accredited Massage & Healing Courses

Holistic Body Massage
Indian Head Massage
Thai Foot Massage
Natural Lift Facial Massage

We would like to offer you an opportunity to learn with us to enhance your skill set.  Choose from different Massage and Healing Courses for your Personal, Spiritual and Professional Development

Well Being Workshops

Infant Massage
Natural Pregnancy

Our Workshops are a fantastic way to help you on the path to your higher self. Join us in learning lasting techniques for alignment and renewal that will bring greater joy and wellness into your life and for those around you.  These are introduction workshops

Corporate Well Being Packages

In House:

Meditation Sessions

Complementary Therapies

Well Being Workshops


Corporate Retreats

More companies are recognising the importance of staff well being.  We all need to take responsibility for our own well being but as a Company, you can offer to your staff some in-house away well being activities. Many monthly packages available.

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Mindfulness Forest Experiences

Re-train your mind and relax in Nature

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can have a significant positive impact on our mental and physical well being. So, if you’re looking to enjoy meditation again in a group and love being outside, then please join us! Come and escape the stresses of life and allow us to look after you, to take a slower pace and immerse yourself in the different forest atmosphere we have to offer.

Complementary Therapies

Enhance your Body's Healing Abilities

We offer many different Complementary Therapies from £38 where you can "mix and max" what you'd like to experience as we just charge for our time. 


Your first appointment will be a little longer and include an all important Medical & Lifestyle Questionnaire.

Luxury Body Treatments

Detox and cleanse your Skin
Lift Your Lashes

There are many detoxifying skin treatments ranging from Tummy Tighteners to Back Facials incorporating natural home made ingredients.

MESSAGE US NOW 07958 719342
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Energy Healing

Regular Meditation Classes
Weekly Online only £6.50 per session

Glow up your Meditation Practise

Our regular Meditation Classes and Events allows students to dive deeper into different visualisation practices. The focus is always channelled for the collective focusing on energy alignment, breath, with a special emphasis on reconnecting and rejuvenate our bodies with light, colour.........

Regular Spiritual Development

Take your development to the next level

Uniquely designed for a wide variety of skill sets. Our regular meet ups in person can help you develop raising your vibration through different technqiues including reading oracle cards, meditation, trance and more.....

Weekly Distant Healing Membership

Receive healing weekly Tuesdays 8-8.30pm

Enjoy weekly distant healing with us on our monthly healing membership.

To gain the best from your healing session, just take yourself to a calm space and have a lay down for 30mins and you will receive distant healing for a small donation towards our time....

We offer this service on Tuesday eves, payable monthly for only £5 per month!

"Out & About"
Well Being Bags

Another step towards improved well being as you're out in nature

Our out & about well being bags are a perfect compliment to your woodland walks or wherever you chose to roam for enjoyment and self healing. 

They contain a bespokely intuitively chosen palm stone crystal for your walk (and to add to your collection), a few scoops of duck/swan food, a guided meditation recording (sent through email or whatsapp) and some fresh herbs to breathe in during your time out.

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