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Get ready to glow inside and out. Visit The Natural Health Sanctuary to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your wellness, and take your personal & professional healing practice to the next level.  We can help you manage the modern challenges of the 21st Century.

With our wide variety of Well Being Workshops, Mindful Forest Experiences, Well Being Meditation Retreats, Regular Meditation Events, Accredited Massage & Healing Courses available for all skill levels, there is something for everyone! 

We also offer a vast collection of Complementary Therapies and Luxury Body Treatments which are deeply immersive and spiritually invigorating which are rooted in ancient healing techniques.

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Samantha Louise


Samantha is a Master Bodyworker with over 25 years experience and is the founder of The Natural Health Sanctuary which organically grew from Happy Holistic Healing. Samantha has grown over the years, integrating many styles of massage she has developed from all over the globe. These include Bodywork, Conscious Breath Work, Reiki, Energy Work, Deep Listening, Strong Insightful intuition and Awakened Consciousness to create what most clients say is the best healing and massage treatment they have ever experienced.

Qualifying in Holistic Body Massage during 1996, while working full time, after years of practising, delving into Deep Tissue Techniques, Indian Head Massage, Acupressure, Reiki and Meditation, she decided in 1999 to specialise and train as an Aromatherapist. Over those three years she enjoyed continually developing at The College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London. She took a sebatical to India to search for more experience in the Eastern philosophy of massage, meditation and healing she kept learning about in the UK.

Since then, she has been developing her natural style, ranging from spending time teaching Baby Massage before she experienced motherhood, to offering many different Mindful Forest Expereinces, Complementary Therapies, Luxury Body Treatments, Well Being Workshops, Accredited Massage & Healing Courses and Well Being Meditation Retreats. Now with her children ages 14 and 17 she still invites clients for many different bespoke body and energy treatments and spends her time teaching some of them.

Her passion is spending some of her weekends in the summer months taking people on her incredible Well Being Meditation Retreats spending time outdoors to experience the healing vibration of the earth, while performing treatments, mindfulness and guided meditations at various locations creating amazing results, including:- Luxury Treehouses in Norfolk, Glastonbury Sacred Sites, Tintagel, Cornwall, Devon and many other locations.